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EASE from Hard Things

Ease is carefully making a situation less serious or difficult like our fear or anxiety! Releasing fear and tuning in. Fear does not have to stop you. You just need to understand it.

While on vacation, I tried surfing again and felt overwhelmed and gave up. Negative thoughts of I suck at surfing, I should do better or my biggest fear im going to injure myself again. All of those thoughts rattled my mind. Did I have to be so degrading to myself.

What I did was rest and listened in.

I wanted to surf but there were terms that would ease me back to the water.

As I quieted my mind, I asked…

1. Do I want to surf? YES

2. I feel the fear? Whats the fear? FAILING

3. Is it true? NOPE

4. What can I do to EASE the tension or make me want to go? Private session, earlier in the day(smaller crowd), and an hour session (not two).

Ok that feels good. Off I went, found David with his surf school, the price was right, only an hour and ok to start right now. Still apprehensive but the tension lowered.

Right off he said in surfing “you need to know your board. It’s body, and soul.” 🤯 I was totally in and felt like the universe is listening and gave me more than i asked!! I stood up 99% of the time🏄🏽‍♀️. I Remembered paddling is the hard work that gets me to my reward. And then my body was flooded with joyful memories of surfing and loving emotions for my love of surfing. Pura Vida!

Luckily I didn’t give into my fear or bully myself into surfing. Instead, I quieted my mind, listened to my heart and found my joy in surfing.

This is a small example of finding ease in hard, fearful, or difficult things. When you feel anxious or scared, take a breath, ask what can ease your emotion? When you get quiet then you can begin to listen to your soul, your heart and your body. They are far wiser and kinder than our mind. Try it out yourself. ❤️❤️❤️

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