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Why little "t" trauma turn into lasting effects

Have you ever experienced being in traffic when you’re already late and you’ve split your coffee? How did that make you feel? How long did it last?

Even though this doesn’t seem very traumatic, this type of frustration can energetically sit in your body….this is what I call a little “t” trauma. 

These situations can be dismissed as unimportant because they are not so big and are even common. And, we can downplay the situation(s) and even feel that a person is being "dramatic" or overly reactive.

We can live our daily lives feeling all is fine and not being aware that the little “t” traumas are impacting you on a daily basis. You are living in survival mode or in the first phase of healing, called trauma unaware.

In this phase, we are not consciously aware that our daily stressors and little “t” traumas are keeping us in survivor mode and not in thriving mode. The constant stress and trauma has embedded into your physical, emotional, and mental body. 

We may begin to notice...

We begin to have a smaller capacity for compassion, patience and understanding. We may pick a fight with our significant other, not have patience towards our loved ones and even snap at them.  

Ignorance is bliss? That’s the phrase right and does not that seem so nice. However, our body, mind and soul are not ignorant and will show us that being in trauma unaware will only bring you pain and misery. 

Many living in this first phase can have or begin to notice feelings of anxiety, depression, poor sleep, and decreased concentration. Our bodies can tell us by having aches/pains, upset stomach, headaches, and more. 


In nature, animals will shake or shiverafter a traumatic experience. 

How do most modern humans react to a traumatic or stressful experience? 


We ignore or suppress these emotions. 

Emotions have been defined as energy in motion.If not properly cared for, the excess nervous system activation (chemical releases like adrenaline) and emotions that occur, it will find a home in your body or even our energetic body.

With reiki and spinal energetics, I have found myself unlocking, releasing aspects of myself that I had worked hard to let go but still had a hold on me.  One big one was my emotion of envy and comparison. As much journaling, meditating, and other traditional modalities I still was inflicted by the feeling. After doing energy work and spinal energetics, I began to be inspired and actually spurred more positive energy and outlook from my peers rather than envy and depleting my energy. There was a sense of freedom not to be burdened by such thoughts of lack and feeling of laziness. 

Through energy healing, we are calming, resetting and tuning into our body/nervous system and energetic body to create a harmonious system. The little "t" traumas begin to not trigger us as much or at all. We begin to see the world and others differently and find gratitude in each moment or notice when we are not in sync with our true self. 

If you’re reading this email and can relate with experiencing any of these hidden little “t” traumas ready to step into healing, schedule a Spinal Energetic Session.

If you want more clarity then I highly suggest you book a clarity call. Because, In order to finally overcome these recurring symptoms, the first step is understanding what phase of healing you are in and what to do next. On your clarity call, you’ll get clarity on your energetic field and how it affects your physical symptoms.You will walk away knowing which energy healing modalities are best for your needs.

I will be sharing my process, the client experience and next steps to see if we are a great fit.

So, book your FREE clarity call Today! Click Here.

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