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Valerie Mena Major
Usui Holy Fire Master Teacher Practitioner

What is reiki? 

  • Reiki is a Japanese alternative medicine called energy healing. 

  • Reiki means Rei (universal) and Ki (life energy).  

Reiki uses the universal life energy to encourage emotional and physical healing. Blocked or stagnate energy can manifest into illnesses. Reiki helps unblock and ease the flow of energy. 

Reiki aids in physical problems, pain relief, relaxation, manages anxiety, and emotional distress. 


As an Usui Holy Fire Master Teacher Practitioner, I can utilize an array of tools to further facilitate one's healing:** 

Services Offered: 

  • Reiki Energy Healing

  • Aura field clearing

  • Crystal Chakra Balance

  • Removing negative energy,

  • Empowering goals,

  • Healing attunement


These additional tools can further assist in one's healing of emotional difficulties, spiritual concerns, relationship problems, addictions, and physical problems.**


Reiki Treatment _edited.jpg

Reiki Energy Healing

 Reiki energy is uses the universal life energy to move through the body to help create ease in t mind, body and soul. Many experience an overall sense of calm and peace for the body and mind. 


Reiki Energy Healing and Crystal Chakra Balancing

The session combines reiki energy healing and the use of crystals to balance the chakras. The session will help in easing tension and stress and allow the chakras to flow easily to create a harmony of the mind, body and spirit. The effect people notice is feeling energized, relaxed and in-tune with one's body. 

Energy Healing_edited.jpg

Reiki Energy Healing and Aura Clearing

Our body includes the physical body  and our subtle bodies that are energetic layers called Auric field that transcend outward from our physical body. When our subtle bodies are not aligned it can cause physical manifestations. Reiki energy healing and aura clearing begins to clear the negative energy for our mind, body and soul to be in harmony and create a better connection with our higher self. Many feel lighter, weight lifted off them, and more clarity. 

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Why reiki? 

Reiki uses the universal energy to create a healing atmosphere for our bodies.


As humans, stress is a daily occurrence. We have to handle traffic, work deadlines, and meet family expectations. We need to release the stress, if not the body will store the stress. The stress will block your “ki” and manifest into physical and emotional ailments. Reiki releases the blocked energy to aide in the healing process.   

How does a reiki practitioner help?

A reiki practitioner can channel universe's energy to another person through touch or hands near the patient to activate the healing process in one’s body.

Where are reiki sessions held? 

Reiki sessions are held in-person or virtually. 

Is reiki used in hospitals? 

Yes. Healthcare institutions and hospitals offer reiki services such as UCLA, Stanford Hospital, Mayo Clinic and at least 60+ hospitals.

reiki client.HEIC

**Reiki is not a substitute to medical or psychological care. 

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