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Journey Of  You 

 bringing in more 




Soul Day Retreat is about a JOURNEY of YOU bringing in more joy into your life. This retreat allows YOU to reconnect with yourself, provide time to slow down to hear and, even better, the time to listen to yourself. I provide the space for you to flourish with other beautiful souls during this retreat. 

The retreat is about communing with nature by hiking and then slowing down with a walking meditation, tuning in to your body and heart with yoga and meditation, then writing it all down. Digging into soul journaling to let go of the old, uncovering you, and bringing in joy.  

We go through each day with many distractions that make it difficult to tune into our soul's wants. We can become disconnected from our soul and feelings of anxiety, restlessness and insecurities occur. A journey of you is stepping back onto your soul's path after stepping away from our soul's desires. 

Soul Day Retreat allows for each soul to

rest, reflect, and rejuvenate.


Rest means sitting down to reflect on who you are, what you really want, what you want to fulfill in your life. During the retreat, you have the space to breathe into the parts of you that need attention and to hear what your heart is desiring.

















The gathering allows us to sit with other like-minded souls to raise each soul's vibration to bring in more insight and relaxation. When we gather with a common desire of joy, happiness and love, the energy increases 100 fold and becomes easier to access these blissful emotions. 

Come join me for this enchanting Soul Day Retreat with other loving souls. 

Soul Day Retreat includes yoga, hiking, meditation with reiki and soul journaling. Along the way, there will be lots of fun, laughing, hugs and enjoyment. Included will be snacks, yogurt buffet for breakfast and lunch (GF and DF options available). 

Date: Saturday, April 23rd

Location: Ventura, CA

Hike: Arroyo Verde Park

Time: 8am to 4pm

Cost $45


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