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5 Tips to Stay Grounded

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Getting grounded helps in becoming present at the current moment and helps with stress, circling thoughts, and anxiety.

The ability to ground yourself when life is swirling around you helps you stay present in the moment and not allow negative thoughts to control you. A part of a healing journey is to be aware of your thoughts, feelings, and physical reactions. These 5 tips will help you get back into your mindful awareness and calm the stress response.

1. Breathe: Take a deep, slow inhale and a slow exhale 5 to 10 times. With each breath, recognize how you feel. Notice the air passing through your nose and nourishing your body. Recognize how your body responds to the deep breath.

2. Move your Body: Dance, stomp your feet, run in place, do a jiggle. While doing this, pay attention to how your body feels as it moves. What do your feet sound like hitting the floor? How does your arm feel moving through the air?

3. Earthing or Grounding: Studies have shown that grounding, placing your feet on grass or dirt is beneficial for your body to aid in inflammation, stress and pain.

4. Be Present: Essentially, you are centering your thoughts back to you and the present moment.

Say your name.

Where are you?

What can you taste and smell? Hear? See?

5. Tap into Nature: step out of home, office, building. If it is not possible, visualize yourself out in nature. Be aware of what you smell, taste, hear and see, and how your body feels when moving.

Look at the list above and pick one that you might want to start with and incorporate into your daily life. If you already practice the above, consider if you can add a few more minutes to your day to gain more reflection and insight into your life.

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