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Finding the root cause of your illness

Do you struggle with heartburn, abdominal discomfort, or struggling with constipation? 


Are you experiencing frequent aches, sniffles, headaches, moodiness and tiredness? 

Are you assuming that this is all just “normal” signs of aging?

Have you gone to your regular doctor and been prescribed medications, with potentially worse side effects than the troubles you are looking to fix? 

Meditation by the Sea

JOY IN WELLNESS works with you to find the root cause of your health concerns.

With the functional medicine approach to improving your health and well-being, we will seek to find the root cause of the problem, not just make you less aware of the symptoms with medication. We hear your body is crying for HELP!  

Functional medicine is a holistic practice, looking at the whole person, body, mind and spirit, to help achieve physical, mental and emotional healing and well-being.

Clients are an active participant in their journey to wellness with the guidance of a functional medicine practitioner.

Joy in Wellness can help with people who suffer from such issues from anxiety/depression, gut disease, ashtma, skin disorders, autoimmune disorders, fatigue, chronic pain issues, and more. 

Functional medicine practice primarily includes

  • In-depth health history, stress factors, food diary, and reviews of symptoms. 

  • diagnostic functional labs: 

    • Food sensitivities

    • Traditional labs

    • GI/Stool tests

    • Hormone tests

    • Organic acid tests

  • develop a protocol specific to your needs ​

If this resonates with you and want to learn more about how Joy In Wellness can help improve your health and wellness. If you have questions regarding functional medicine, the practice or other inquiries, then click the link below to message Joy In Wellness. 

Get started to a healthy living. 
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