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Bridge into the Woods
Reconnect to your Self.
Reclaim your Joy.
ReAwaken your Soul.

Spinal Energetics is a healing practice that interact with a person's spine, nervous system and energetic field, to harness a person's own innate wisdom to know and heal themselves. Through light yet powerful touch (and sometimes no touch), an organic flow of movement and sound begins and progresses to shift, unwind, discover and release tension, resistance, and stories that may have been stored in the body.

-Sarah Jane, Founder of Spinal Energetics

Reiki Treatment

Energy Healing Services

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Reiki Energy Healing


Crystal Chakra Balancing

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 Aura Clearing

 Reiki is a hands-on, or palm healing, where universal energy flows from the practitioner to the participant to encourage emotional and physical healing. Reiki energy is uses the universal life energy to move through the body to help create ease in t mind, body and soul. Many experience an overall sense of calm and peace for the body and mind. 

We can combine the use of crystals to balance the chakras. The session will help in easing tension and stress and allow the chakras to flow easily to create a harmony of the mind, body and spirit. The effect people notice is feeling energized, relaxed and in-tune with one's body. 

Our body includes the physical body  and our subtle bodies that are energetic layers called Auric field that transcend outward from our physical body. When our subtle bodies are not aligned it can cause physical manifestations. Reiki energy healing and aura clearing begins to clear the negative energy for our mind, body and soul to be in harmony and create a better connection with our higher self. Many feel lighter, weight lifted off them, and more clarity. 

About Valerie

I am Valerie. I am passionate about helping others reconnect to their soul to find peace, calm and happiness in their lives here on earth.

I was an accomplished workaholic and doer who found herself lost, depressed and burnout.

I have many titles from nurse practitioner, wife, yoga instructor, reiki master teacher to daughter, wife and friend. Through all my training from life school to my formal training, I saw the ailments and disease that were affecting me and many other souls. As I started my journey to healing, reconnecting to my soul created a relationship that I am forever bonded with and a huge role in my healing.

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge, experience and self-discovery with others to live their best life and not have to go at it alone.


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"I found my session to be very beneficial both during the time and afterwards. During the session, I noticed that I became more attuned to my body. For example, I could feel the areas of stress around my eyes slowly unfold and go away. I felt better able to focus on my goal for the session and began to immerse myself in it. When the session ended, I felt re-energized – something I had not felt for a long time. Even in the weeks after the session, I found myself going back to that time in order to calm myself and feel that energy again. You can tell she cares about people and is passionate about Reiki’s benefits."

— Dr. Melissa, PhD, early education consultant

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