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Reclaiming your JOY IN WELLNESS, by working collaboratively with you on your journey to a healthy, balanced and joyful life.

Joy in Wellness practice is about a journey of you.


 The practice integrates functional medicine approach with holistic care by looking at each person as a whole of mind, body and spirit and how we can improve each aspect through the lenses of functional and holistic care. 

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Meet Valerie

Joy in Wellness is a Journey of You

Hi! I am Dr. Valerie Mena Major, a certified functional medicine nurse practitioner and master teacher reiki practitioner. I created my practice to help you find the root cause of your illnesses rather than a quick fix scenario.  My practice is a holistic and functional medicine approach. The blending of the two modalities complements one another by seeing you as a whole person of mind, body and spirit. Together, we can find the root cause of your problems by providing guidance and insight into your healing.

I received my Master of Nursing from California State University of Long Beach and obtained a Doctor of Nursing Practice from Western University of Health Sciences.  I have worked in Level I trauma centers in Los Angeles and served as a community nurse in low-income areas. As a nurse practitioner, I worked in the VA Healthcare System as a primary care provider.  My experience and training has led me to create a practice that collaborates with the client to help them in their journey to healthy living. ​

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Functional medicine is looking for the root cause of a person’s illness rather than managing symptoms. 

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Reiki is a hands-on, or palm healing, where universal energy flows from the practitioner to the participant to encourage emotional and physical healing.

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" Valerie provided me with the perfect introduction to Reiki. I was looking for a way to manage my stress and anxiety. Before our session, Valerie was very accessible and made me feel comfortable. When we met for the session, Valerie exuded warmth and knowledge. She walked me through the purpose of Reiki and how it worked, using language that was easy for me to understand. She also explained how Reiki worked in a virtual space, which was also important to me.

I found my session to be very beneficial both during the time and afterwards. During the session, I noticed that I became more attuned to my body. For example, I could feel the areas of stress around my eyes slowly unfold and go away. I felt better able to focus on my goal for the session and began to immerse myself in it. When the session ended, I felt re-energized – something I had not felt for a long time. Even in the weeks after the session, I found myself going back to that time in order to calm myself and feel that energy again. You can tell she cares about people and is passionate about Reiki’s benefits."

— Melissa PhD candidate/early education consultant